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Logistics and Supply Automation

The logistics & supply chain sector has been growing rapidly and the need for skilled technicians that service the supply chain has risen dramatically the past several years. However, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the United States is now, more than ever, dependent on the automated supply chain to deliver the necessities of daily life.

With our Nation’s sudden demand for self-reliance we now have a greatly expanding skills gap not only for advanced manufacturing but now for the automated supply chain.

To satisfy this critical need, the MSSC Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation certification (CT-SCA) and the Skill Boss Logistics trainer were developed in a partnership between the National Center for Supply Chain Automation (NCSCA), Material Handling Industry (MHI), Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), NOCTI Business Solutions, Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), and Amatrol.

The standards, content, and warehouse distribution trainer were vetted in front of a panel of industry representatives including Dollar Tree, Target, Wal-Mart, Fed Ex, Amazon and others.

CT-SCA Certification
The CT-SCA was developed to: “Train the individual who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment that supports the supply chain”

The CT-SCA certification was developed by MSSC with industry defined, nationally validated standards.

The CT-SCA contains three stackable levels of certification courses:

  • CT-SCA-EM-Certification in Equipment Maintenance-Operators and systems operation-safety, hand tools, and preventative maintenance
  • CT-SCA-ER-Certification in Equipment Repair-Systems trouble shooting, equipment replacement and repair. Electrical, mechanical, pneumatics, and electrical control.
  • CT-SCA-NR-Certification in Network Repair-Installation and troubleshooting of ethernet networks, PLCs, VFDs scanners, etc.
  • Skill Boss Logistics Trainer

The Skill Boss Logistics trainer is a fully functioning automated distribution system that utilizes industrial components normally found in distribution centers. The system includes warehouse control simulation for operational monitoring, order entry, package tracking and control. Computer based troubleshooting inserts over 45 electrical and mechanical faults for system troubleshooting.

The Skill Boss Logistics training system includes eLearning content for theory, simulation and hands on skills.

Certification assessments are available from MSSC.

All Amatrol trainers are 100%, Made in USA