HVAC Career & Workforce Training Solutions for Universities & Vocational Schools

D.C. Jaeger Corporation is pleased to offer world-class HVAC training materials, tools and equipment from two of the most respected names in the industry, Amatrol and iConnect Training.

Amatrol HVAC Training Program

AmatrolAmatrol's HVAC Training Program combines industry-standard components with proven HVAC training materials to prepare those taking the program to succeed in a career in HVAC repair and maintenance. Amatrol is unmatched in its ability to combine theoretical depth and knowledge with hands-on skills in critical areas that include electrical, mechanical, fluid power and more.

Amatrol’s online HVAC courses get learner's “job-ready”!


Amatrol’s Thermal training products focus primarily on heating and cooling for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Topics include understanding the value of insulation, lighting and ceiling fans, renewable energy sources like geothermal and more. Amatrol's thermal program also includes a steam training system that includes skills used by power companies to nuclear submarines.


Those in search of a comprehensive online training solutions in electrical need search no further than Amatrol. Students learn everything from the basics of AC/DC to complex electrical machines.

Students undergo training in:

  • relay control and fabrication
  • electrical motor control
  • electrical wiring
  • distribution of power

These learning systems include an in-depth online curriculum and skill assessments. It also includes real-world components to maximize skill-building potential.

Many of the programs include Amatrol's FaultPro, the brand's excellent troubleshooting training system and the industry's premier electronic fault insertion product.

The equipment available in this area is an important part of other Amatrol training programs including HVAC, Power and Energy, Green Energy, Industrial Maintenance and more!


Amatrol's mechanical training products cover the foundational fundamentals of the industry. Training in areas such as mechanical drives, pumps, mechanical fabrication, central lubrication and more are all included.

This training can be applied to industries as diverse as: 

  • agricultural
  • pharmaceutical
  • automotive
  • power generation

Prints and Drawings

Interpreting prints and drawings is critical in the success of any project and Amatrol has the training solutions. This area of coursework includes: 

  • common blueprint elements
  • line types
  • types of drawings
  • definitions of commonly used terms

Students will find their understanding of math and geometry strengthened, learn common welding symbols and terminology and study fundamental dimensioning rules, units, and tolerancing methods.

iConnect Training

iConnect TrainingiConnect Training provides superior educational equipment, supplemental tools, and materials to vocational trade schools and institutions. IConnect Training offers sophisticated training solutions that have been proven valuable in teaching heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.

iConnect Training is committed to providing HVAC/R students with the knowledge and training they need, with a focus on safety. They also emphasize efficiency in the operation of all systems found in the industry.

iConnect believes that each student should completely understand both theory and operational techniques behind each of the specific systems they may encounter before heading out into the field.

iConnect Training offers some of the finest training units available to educational markets. IConnect products can be found in high schools, technical colleges, government facilities, and other training facilities throughout the globe.

The training units in iConnect's catalog range from demonstrating the most simple concepts to illustrating advanced troubleshooting and servicing techniques.

HVAC Training Materials & Equipment from D.C. Jaeger

Jaeger Corporation has been providing training materials and equipment to schools, colleges and universities since 1957. We provide superior training products to meet today's demands on workers entering the workforce, and for incumbent workers looking for better-paying positions.

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