Amatrol Learning Systems

AmatrolD.C. Jaeger Corporation is proud to offer the innovative, comprehensive, and interactive learning solutions created by Amatrol. With a goal of transforming the global workforce one life at a time, Amatrol learning and training solutions provide practical and proven strategies. They equip people with the skills necessary to solve problems and master technical systems in the rapidly changing workplace.

Each learning solution is designed and constructed by workers who are experts in their individual fields. Using the best practices in education and training, these learning solutions deliver the knowledge and skills for real jobs.

The success of these learning programs is due, in part, to world-class service and support by both Amatrol and D.C. Jaeger, who has been providing training equipment and materials to technical and vocational schools, colleges, and universities in Florida since 1957.

Learning Solutions for Manufacturing, HVAC and Engineering

Amatrol offers learning solutions for a wide-range of in-demand topics including:

  • power and energy
  • controls
  • manufacturing processes
  • design
  • fluids
  • fluid power
  • thermal
  • electrical
  • electrical motors
  • mechanical
  • communications
  • robotics
  • computer integrated manufacturing
  • mechatronics
  • automation

Combining eLearning and Hands-On Training

Amatrol’s learning solutions are known and respected for utilizing an array of multi-media and eLearning techniques on all key technical topics, as well as promoting hands-on technical skills through virtual trainers. Their Learning Systems are recognized for their industrial quality components and extensive student learning materials.

Amatrol's quality engineering learning materials are being used in thousands of laboratories throughout the world.

While many with college degrees struggle to find work in their chosen fields, manufacturers are having challenges in finding workers with the right skills for today’s technology driven workplace. According to the National Association of Manufacturer's (NAM) Skills Gap Report, most manufacturers responding to the survey bemoaned a shortage of qualified skilled production employees. Categories included machinists, operators, and technicians.

Manufacturing Success

Success in manufacturing and competing in the global marketplace depends on a skilled workforce. There simply isn't room in manufacturing for workers who are unskilled.

Workers must demonstrate that they can perform their tasks efficiently. They must have the skills to work with others and the ability to identify and practically solve problems.

In addition, workers today must continue with ongoing training to acquire the knowledge necessary to be as successful as possible in the roles at work. Satisfactory performance is being replaced with proficiency and excellence and Amatrol and D.C. Jaeger continue to lead the way.

Amatrol Used For Certification Standards

As more and more national organizations seek to identify, develop and establish skill standards, Amatrol continues to use these industry-defined skills to offer both entry-level and incumbent workers opportunities for growth. Amatrol provides the ability for workers to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills necessary for today's technologically intensive jobs.

These national standards are establishing the base competencies for everything from entry-level jobs to a specific career path such as a CNC Machine Operator. NIMS endorses Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program exclusively as the recommended preparation method for the NIMS CNC Machine Operator Certifications.

Amatrol programs include a real-world assessment process that facilitates a teacher's ability to certify the skills of a student. Amatrol's SkillACE software documents the process for teachers using a barcode data collection system with powerful reporting capabilities.

MSSC has named Amatrol the official e-Learning provider for their Certified Production Technician Program and exclusive supplier for the high school CPT program.

Amatrol Learning Solutions have an unparalleled reputation for the manufacturing, HVAC, and Engineering training, and D.C. Jaeger is pleased to make them available.

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