Florida Technical Lab Furniture

D.C. Jaeger Corporation provides educational facilities furniture to enhance your learning environment.

Our partners, GMI and Interior Concepts, offers the most comprehensive solution for your furniture needs.

From the classroom to the technical training lab, you can get the furniture you need to meet the demands of the educational environment.


Interior Concepts
  • CAD Drafting
  • Computer Stations
  • student seating
  • Science Lab Station
  • steel top work bench
  • Technical Work benches
  • Technology Furniture Interior Concepts 6
  • Technology Furniture Interior Concepts 7
  • Technology Furniture Interior Concepts 8
  • Computer Labs Interior Concepts 7

Quality Educational and Industrial Furniture:

  • CAD/Drafting
  • Technical Work Benches
  • Mobile Work Stations
  • Tools & Storage Cabinets – Shelving
  • Instructor Stations
  • Student/Instructor Seating
  • Art/Drafting Tables
  • Business and Computer
  • Portable Instructor Stations
  • Robotics Work Stations
  • Classroom Tables
  • Conference or Office Furniture

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