Educational Tools For Health and Science Education

DC Jaeger Corporation offers you 3D projectors that bring science to life, you will help inspire and prepare your students for their career in the health industry.

Capture the Minds and Imaginations of Your Students with 3D

av rover
The 3D AVRover integrates the best in hardware, software, and content for a truly remarkable 3D learning experience. Proven to increase test scores and retention by as much as 33%*, the 3D AVRover is certain to inspire students and enhance lessons.

Everything You Need for a Complete Solution

The 3D AVRover includes a 3D DLP Projector, 3D Computer with 3D ConteAV Rovernt, 3 built in speakers, mixer amplifier with microphone input as well as XLR out, laptop connections, 2 locking storage drawers, retractable power cord, heavy duty casters, and much more.

Easy to Use

Bringing lessons to life is easy with the 3D AVRover. Simply plug your system in, turn it on, and you have the highest quality 3D videos, interactive objects, and virtual simulations for your whole class to enjoy.

  • Most Comprehensive 3D Library
  • Advanced 3D Computer System
  • Professional sound system
  • Adjustable image size and height
  • Totally secure even when in use
  • Shareable between classrooms
  • No setup time

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