We offer a unique blended learning approach to providing students with skills and knowledge in a broad range of Engineering subject areas.

Our e-learning materials, linked to our engineering trainers, are used by schools and colleges as well as private and commercial training clients.

Engineering cloud topics include the following lesson clusters, supported with a range of related science and math lessons.



amatrolEngineering and Technology concepts made real!

For over 30 years, Amatrol has been world leaders in engineering and engineering technology education. Amatrol’s Engineering Technology Learning Systems include curriculum in both print-based and CD-ROM formats, high quality industrial hands-on laboratory equipment, teacher guides, computerized classroom assessment system, installation, on-going service and support, and teacher training.

industrial maintenanceAmatrol Learning Systems are widely recognized for their industrial quality components and extensive student learning materials. As a result, Amatrol’s engineering learning systems are standard elements in thousands of laboratories throughout the world.

Amatrol learning systems are unique because they offer:

  • Industrial quality equipment – Amatrol’s industrial quality equipment makes students feel like they are actually training in a real industrial setting. Amatrol learning systems feature heavy-duty, industry-standard components and a far greater range of component types so that students are better prepared for the entire scope of the technologies they will encounter.
  • Advanced Technology – Amatrol learning systems offer industrial quality, including state-of-the-art technology that will better prepare students for their careers.
  • Troubleshooting Emphasis – Amatrol curriculum teaches troubleshooting with organized problem-solving methods. Many learning systems feature Amatrol’s Computer-Based Fault Insertion System, which automatically inserts faults and tracks student troubleshooting activities.
  • Task-Based Curriculum – The curriculum uses a task-based design where theory and hands-on learning activities are structured around industry-relevant tasks.
  • Individualized and Group Learning Formats – Amatrol’s learning activity packet (LAP) design gives instructors the flexibility to teach students using either a self-directed or traditional lecture-lab format. All theory and hands-on instructional materials needed for teaching both formats are included in each learning activity packet.
  • Multimedia and Printed Curriculum Formats – Many learning systems are available with an optional multimedia curriculum in addition to printed curriculum to further support individualized and distance learning applications. The multimedia versions have the same content as the printed versions plus they include extensive video, 3D simulations, and interactive activities.
  • Certification of Skills – The Amatrol program includes a real world assessment process that allows teachers to certify student skills. Amatrol’s SkillACE software makes documentation of this process an easy task for teachers with a barcode data collection system and powerful reporting.


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